Our latest Bone Marrow Transplant Survivor Shirts and Gifts

Our latest design for Bone Marrow Transplant survivors features a  supportive collection of green ribbon shirts, merchandise and gifts highlighting a beautiful floral scroll ribbon.  Our spotlight design reads  “My Hero is a BMT Survivor” and is available on shirts, apparel, merchandise and gifts to support friends and relatives from Aunt to Wife who are Bone Marrow Transplant Survivors.  This beautiful design is brought to you by a 4 year survivor of a stem cell transplant.  It’s ideal for advocacy events, bone marrow and stem cell transplant reunions and/or any occasion to show your support for a special person in your life who survived a bone marrow transplant.

Please click  on t-shirt images to view and shop directly at www.stemcelltransplantshirts.com

Hero BMT Survivor Women's V-Neck T-Shirt Daughter BMT Survivor Ringer TSister BMT Survivor 2.25" Button (10 pack) SomeILove BMTSurvivor Sigg Water Bottle 0.6L

For more BMT and SCT gifts, shop www.stemcelltransplantshirts.com


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